2 Halves of a Soul: Keeping Couples Together


2 Halves of a Soul: Keeping Couples Together
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Everyone says that relationships require work, but who can show you how to actually improve your marriage or partnership? With no road-map for happiness, you sometimes need real-life guides with wisdom and experience to show you the way.

Ruthie and Rabbi Joel Portnoy recently celebrated 40 years of happy marriage. They married as childhood sweethearts aged 20, and have grown together while bringing up a large family and leading the Jewish community of Hale, England.

They became frustrated with so many people feeling hopeless and helpless, that they began to take the challenge of relationships more seriously. They both trained as Master Relationship Coaches, Psychosexual Relationship Therapists, Imago Couples Therapists and Prepare & Enrich Facilitators. Today they feel confident that they have the right tools to help most relationships survive and thrive!

Now relocated to Jerusalem, and with all their children happily married, they are dedicating their time to helping other couples to improve their communication skills, to prepare for marriage, or to heal rifts in their relationships.

If you believe that you really could be “2 Halves of a Soul”, Joel and Ruthie can help to bring you closer together.

Ruthie & Joel Portnoy