Individual, couple and family therapy in English


Individual, couple and family therapy in English
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Ayelet Shmuel, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a psychotherapist.

My name is Ayelet Shmuel, I am a Toshav Chozer, a returning citizen of Israel. I lived and practiced psychotherapy in Denver Colorado and now, offering my services in Israel.

My credentials and education include:
  • LCSW - Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
  • MSW - Maters degree in Social Work, Denver Colorado.
  • BA in Jewish Philosophy – Tel Aviv University.
  • A mediation Certificate – Tel Aviv University.
  • Applied Existential Therapy certification – Boulder Colorado. 
  • CFI - Child and Family Investigator, servicing as the arm of the courts in Denver, dealing with high conflict divorces and complex familial situations. 
  • A parenting coach certificate - Love and Logic Institute. 
  •  I also bring to the table my 10 years experience in education (as a former teacher) and 4 years experience as an officer in the Israeli army. 
I use various modalities and theories in my work, and in addition to the traditional therapeutic setting, I offer my clients an opportunity to explore their challenges and life journey by going for walks together, listening to their favorite music, bringing in art, family albums, etc. 

Since the client-therapist relationship is extremely important to the success of the process, I encourage people to choose well; take your time during the initial consolation meeting to make sure that you "click" with the therapist.

I have a lot of experience working with individuals, couples, and families on various issues such as mental illnesses, communication skills, grief and loss, self-esteem and social problems. Feel free to contact me for any questions. Change is just a phone call away :) The most exciting thing about therapy is when changes occur, they are visible and very helpful in the day to day function of the client. The client’s motivation, courage and hard work combined with the therapist's guidance and empathy can produce wonderful results.
  • I offer a free, 45 minutes, initial consultation session. 
  • Sliding scale is applicable. 
  • Skype/FaceTime may be used if needed.


Clients Satisfaction

Jason B.
competent, qualified and caring
2 years ago

Ayelet is competent, qualified and absolutely caring. She is extremely easy to talk with and is very effective when working with you. I highly recommend her no matter your present struggle- she will help you get through it. (Verified review imported from external source)

Lindsey C.
makes you feel at ease
2 years ago

Not only is Ayelet professional, she makes you feel at ease from the first moment you meet her. Our family has gained a new appreciation for one another through her unique approach. (Verified review imported from external source)

Sara M.
very professional
2 years ago

Ayelet is great, very professional and easy to talk to. I feel like I've made progress already and couldn't be more grateful. Her approach is really down to earth and makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend her. (Verified review imported from external source)

Guy B.
Ayelet is great
2 years ago

Ayelet is great. She has made a very difficult situation manageable. She is very easy to talk with. (Verified review imported from external source)

Ruben P.
more positive
2 years ago

We have just started but from the first session I'm already feeling more positive about the situation and much less anxiety than I was days before. (Review imported from external source)

Dani D.
flexible, direct, thoughtful
2 years ago

Very easy to communicate with, flexible, direct, thoughtful and knowledgeable! (Review imported from external source)

Bruce C.
serious self exploration
2 years ago

If you truly want to do serious self exploration in a safe caring environment...Ayelet is the guide for you. Be ready, open and not afraid. This will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself and your loved ones. Kind regards, Bruce (Review imported from external source)

Donna K.
an ally and a mentor
2 years ago

I hired WholeStar for a young niece who was lacking in life skills and social skills. Ayelet, has become an ally and a mentor and has helped boost my niece's self confidence and is helping her find gainful employment. (Review imported from external source)

Rachel E.
warm and understanding
2 years ago

Ayelet is exactly the therapist I was looking for and I couldn't be more pleased. She is so warm and understanding, as well as honest and direct. I highly suggest her services. (Review imported from external source)

Ken B.
2 years ago

She is very thoughtful and able to talk to us with professionalism, but with language we understand. (Review imported from external source)