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Keren Feller - Home Admin Services

To whom it may concern, 

My name is Keren Feller, I am a Home Administrative Personal Assistant running my business three days/week .

I help new immigrants and small business owners with all administrative duties such as paying bills, dealing with English or Hebrew mail for organizations - confronting authorities, and dealing with 'bureaucracy', posting updates on Facebook or other commercial internet sites as needed. I send emails, call to place orders, arrange and confirm travel plans, and follow up with any other details or people that need overseeing. I am the time-saving, translating, administrative solution.

If you want me to help you or anyone you know by the day, by the hour or by the task, pass them my cell number to contact me or send me their details and I will call. 

With lots of appreciation.

Keren Feller

Work from home Personal Administrative Assistant 

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