Interior Design. Space planning. (Domestic and Commercial)


Interior Design. Space planning. (Domestic and Commercial)
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Commercial Design

My name is Gwen Kreel, I originate from South Africa, where I specialised in designing corporate spaces that up held ergonomic, health and safety, maintenance, and commercial standards.  Striving for an environment that enhances productivity and remains a healthy and visually happy place to be in where employees spend the best part of their days.  By ensuring that a work space is functional and aesthetically appealling, it is sure to enhance productivity and uplift the mood of any office.

Having a background in Interior design and Architecture is a sure plus, in understanding all the requirements needed, as well as having the ability to put in place maintenance plans that will help any operational manager be more effective.

In South Africa, I speciailised in corporate design, understanding work flow and processes before simply imposing a layout or design on a company.  I work closely with business, going through a thorough information session, and constantly evaluate the success of the design. My speciality is doing a comprehensive space planning exercise, which will determine the square meterage required that is both cost effective and ergonomic.  I will evaluate your workstation standards, and design and implement a space that will be sure to be productive.  Having had extensive experience in moving companies and people, any move will be project managed seemlessly and with a thorough and professional start and end.

Domestic Design

Whether it be decorating or a renovation, my design process is to discuss you likes and dislikes and make sure that your space is reflective of your family or self.  I will ensure that your project comes in on time and within budget.   I offer complete project management which entails liaising with contractors, negotiating and ensuring you have quality of work and will be happy with the final outcome

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I will take the stress out of your project!!