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GEFEN Small Business consulting Group

02-4829839 [email protected]
56 Midbar Sinai ST Givat Hamivtar, Jerusalem

Small business consulting is exactly what it sounds like, consulting services that are provided to small (up to 5 employees) or start-up businesses.

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The Gefen group focuses on providing the following services:

  • Design business plans
  • Financial feasibility check
  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Create marketing plans

And our consultants have the following experience behind them:

·20 or more years of on-the-job experience

·Master of Business Administration degree

·Experience in many sectors of business, for example in sales, marketing, and finance.

Lastly, small business consulting is different from other forms of consulting because small businesses are uniquely positioned in the marketplace. Their small size provides them the flexibility to react quickly to changes in the market place and exploit opportunities with lighting fast ability. Our Small business consulting group can help small businesses overcome the problems that might be limiting their growth, and prepare them to quickly take advantage of opportunities in the future.