Ruti Dadash Marketing Consultant - Increase your revenue fast


Ruti Dadash Marketing Consultant - Increase your revenue fast
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Forget incremental growth, we're talking exponential! 

I'm the only trained and practicing HMA marketing consultant in Israel, and I can't wait to work with your business.

How it works
By improving and leveraging all the systems and assets you have in place already, we can achieve a revenue growth of 25-100% within just 2-3 months - and that's just the beginning. As I work with what your business is already doing, you won't need to spend a penny extra on advertising. Best of all, I am so confident in the impact of my marketing systems that I offer a full guarantee: you will earn back my fees in extra revenue, or I continue working for free until you do! 

Want to get started?
Not so fast! My service isn't a fit for everyone. Please email me [email protected] with some details about your business (your product/service, how long you've been in business, number of employees if any, and annual revenue) and we'll set up a time to talk further. 

Not ready to commit?
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Get ready for some major growth!