'Barama' Events Ramat Rachel


'Barama' Events Ramat Rachel

‘Barama’ Events – Events at a completely different level!

·The ‘Barama’ company specializes in planning events and executing them in the highest quality and satisfaction

·We accommodate all types of eventssuch as: Weddings, Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, Bris , Shabbas-Hatan, Sheva-Brachot etc.

·We host events in the Ramat Rachel Hotelwhich is situated in the Ramat Rachel Kibbutz (southern Jerusalem)

·Ramat Rachel is just a 15-minute drive from the Kotel

·The hotel overlooks the breathtaking and enchanting viewof the Judean hills and Jerusalem

·We offer parking for freeand our spacious parking lot is suitable for buses as well

·You can choose from a variety of dairy or meat menuscarefully designed by the hotel’s chef

·We have a Kashrut certificationby the Rabanut mehadrin, "Gush Katif" greens.

·We’ve recently completely renovatedthe ‘Rishonim’ hall – accommodating up to 200 seats and offering state-of-the-art audio, lighting and multimedia systems

·For more information and pictures please visit our website www.barama.co.il

Avner Cohen, owner and general manager of ‘Barama’, is at your service and would be happy to tailor an event to best suit your specific needs. Avner will personally accompany you in turning your dream event into a reality.

Mazel Tov!


Clients Satisfaction

stunning apartment
6 years ago

We had a wedding at this venue. A word of warning: be careful when looking at pictures as many of the things that will catch your eye are "extras". The decorated chuppah, the lighting in the hall, the table decor...the cost kept escalating...! Decide what you want only AFTER asking what is included in the initial quote and what isn't as this is not made clear from pictures on the website which, we felt, were misleading.