Igor Mojzes, Manuscript Illuminator


Igor Mojzes, Manuscript Illuminator

Igor Mojzes, Manuscript Illuminator, offers custom, hand made, traditional manuscript illumination from his Jerusalem, Israel studio.

In a perfect blending of ages old tradition, craft and art,  Igor Mojzes designs and executes each illumination as an expression of personal vision. He finds inspiration in historic artifacts, natural gemstones, jewellery and all things beautiful. Igor is devoted to the pursuit of perfection and beauty, which is the main source of motivation for his work.

All of the illuminated manuscripts produced by Igor Mojzes are one of a kind and made with finest traditional materials (e.g. 23.75K gold and real vellum) employing centuries old methods and craftsmanship. By working in collaboration with local certified scribes (soferim STaM) Igor produces the highest quality, kosher, Hebrew, one of kind illuminated megillot, haggadot, siddurim, machzorim and other products by commission.

For more information, contact Igor Mojzes by email at [email protected]

Igor Mojzes, Manuscript Illuminator

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