Kesher Webs - 20 years of experience!!


Kesher Webs - 20 years of experience!!
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Jerusalem, Israel

Kesher Web Productions (1992), is thecreator of the famous "Jerusalem One" project, the first Hebrew web site in History (1996), and the first Internet project for Israel's Foreign ministry.

Since "way back then" we have among our clients The Jewish Agency for 13 years, The Prime minister's office and dozens of other businesses and organizations, big and small.

Our long, hard-earned experience and the care we give each customer can greatly help when you want to build a web. We will foolow you through closely to help plan your project, suggestiong ways to build it exactly as you want quickly at the best possible price!

Our past clients call us after years and get the same caring treatment they got when they first called us!

We build: 

  • One page sites like this one:  starting from $150
  • Basic web sites: starting from $300 - $400
  • Mobile Webs!!!! A special web rendered for mobile SmartPhones. Don't lose the many users who cannot read your regular web site on their SmartPhone!
  • Large web sites with Content Management Systems (CMS)  with or without  Ecommerce solutions based PHP or
  • Maintenance - dedicated upkeep of your websites content (ask us for our current clients!) 
  • "Face-Lifting" - re-doing your current web site
  • Inexpensive Hosting solutions

Contact us now for all your web needs!!!

Zvi Lando

Kesher Web Productions

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