Iran nuclear program ‘moving ahead very, very fast,’ IAEA head warns


Iran nuclear program ‘moving ahead very, very fast,’ IAEA head warns


The program is growing in both “ambition and in capacity,” says Rafael Grossi.

The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency said on Tuesday that Iran’s nuclear program was advancing rapidly, and that “good words” from Iran were not sufficient to satisfy inspectors.

“They have a very ambitious nuclear program that needs to be verified in the appropriate way,” he said, according to Reuters. The program was growing in “ambition and capacity” and “moving ahead very, very fast,” he added.

Speaking in response to a question about the IAEA’s role in monitoring a revived nuclear agreement with Iran, Grossi said, “When it comes to nuclear, good words will not do it.” What is needed, he continued, is transparency and compliance.

“We are ready and I hope they will be as well,” he added, according to the report.

On Monday, the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization head Mohammad Eslami said that Iran already possesses the technical capability to produce an atomic bomb, but has no intention of doing so, according to the report.

Caption: International Atomic Energy Agency director-general Rafael Grossi delivers his opening remarks to the IAEA Board of Governors meeting on March 9, 2020.
Credit: D. Calma/IAEA.


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