Photos of Purim in Jerusalem


Photos of Purim in Jerusalem

Hi Everyone!

I did a lot of walking today in Jerusalem and I had a lot of fun

watching various performers and seeing the creative costumes

that people wore.

I started at Kikar Safra - City Hall, then up Yaffo street

to the Midrachov and then continued to Machane Yehuda.

I then took the light rail back to city hall to take more photos.

I saw one girl dressed up as Wednesday Adams. She looked

very "Adams" and even had "thing" with her. However, she did not want

to be photographed. Stayed in character all the way.

At the end of my walk, I took a unique photo near the

City Hall light rail station. Did you know that Jerusalem

has a street called "Shushan" ?

Check out the last photo on the second page of photos.

I posted the photos at:

Enjoy the photos!

Please share. Thank You!

Have a good night,


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