Basics of Healing with Avnei HaHoshen & Crystals


Basics of Healing with Avnei HaHoshen & Crystals
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HaTeena 85 Talmon (Neria)

If you are in the alternative medicine field and really want to be the best "you" possible. I invite you to add a truly magnificent tool to your toolbox.Your clients will be in awe and will be enriched by the investment that you are making in your profession.

"My clients are totally enamoured by this new skill and by the crystals themselves"
Malka - Bet Shemesh

"Today, I begin each session by asking my clients to choose a crystal. I find it gives me so much more understanding of where they are holding and makes my intervention so much more effective"
Sharon - Jerusalem

"Thank you so much for introducing me to crystals! They provide me with the support I need to move forward and to cope with what I am going through right now!"
Eleanor - UK

A five-week Zoom course in Avnei HaHoshen & Crystals will enrich you personally and professionally and put you in a league of your own.Course begins on April 12. ל' ניסן

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I would love to have you in my upcoming course.

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