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Social media marketing
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Social Media and Marketing for Adult Beginners

I am a 49 year old American male oleh of 5 years in Jerusalem just trying to make a living. I do not speak much Hebrew. If you are an Anglo in Jerusalem and want to be on social media platforms but don’t know how, I can help. Also, if you want your small business to have youtube, facebook or any other platform accounts I can show you how to set them up. Your business doesn’t even have to be in Israel.

The cost is 80 shekels an hour (cash please). Most sessions are only about an hour per platform you want to learn about. In the event you have a small business or you are very new to social media it could take a little longer. At this cost I will allow for an extension of session time up to 30 minutes without charging for the whole hour. I can take short video of certain things during the session for you to refer back to if you need.

I am available as a social media consultant as well but that would be considerably more expensive and if it lasts more than a month it would require a salary (not hourly) agreement.

Remember: These sessions are for beginners. If you already know how social media works and how to market on these platforms but you are looking for a social media manager to handle it for you, that is possible. Just know that ‘managing’ is generally not hourly unless it is simple maintenance of your page; uploading photos and videos or something like that. With marketing campaigns I require a monthly salary.

So if you are interested in getting started send me an email explaining what you would like to learn, how I can help and your preferred way for me to contact you and we will get started. Availability is day or night until 9pm in Jerusalem. Outside of Jerusalem, availability is 10am to 7pm which must include transportation to and from wherever you are. I look forward to helping you soon.