TIV HARAHIT - Quality furniture in RBS at low prices!


TIV HARAHIT - Quality furniture in RBS at low prices!
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Making Aliyah isn't always easy. Uprooting your family and starting all over again in a country where you don't know the language well, is a big deal. 
We at Tiv Harahit fine furniture are Americans who have been through that upheaval and understand the difficulties Olim go through trying to settle down and acclimate in Israel. 
We feel for Olim and want to help them avoid getting tricked into buying things that will not suit their needs and help them 
with the language barrier. Here, our clients and their needs are understood! A positive buying experience is dependant on 
being able to communicate well with the vendor and have true understand of your needs .
We do our best to offer great service and help each person to get excellent quality furniture at a price he can afford. We also offer discounts to Olim and help them to take measurements and lay out the furniture in the apartment when they need help . Often people are unaware that walls in Israel aren't always straight and it is important to measure even a niche for a closet properly. We offer this service free when someone makes an order of several closets, cupboards, book cases, seforim shanks, etc... Even making sure that beds fit comfortably in each bedroom. There are many choices of beds, with options for storage under bed with a lift up  version on hydraulic cylinders which is easy to lift even with heavy mattresses, or drawers for storage under beds.  
We also help lay out furniture for you when you need to furnish a complete apartment and have often saved our clients the
need to spend money on decorators, helping to maximize the space and work within a budget.
We often customize book cases, dining room tables and couches to work with the size and flow of the space you have.
Dining room sets are made by the best carpenters, with options for as many extensions as you need. Many styles available, including options for centered pedestal legs or regular four legs too. Our chairs are from Italy and are extremely strong and durable. We work with fabrics that are stain proof for upholstering dining chairs and couches.

Our couch options are either from Italy, from Calia italia or made in Israel by an Israeli company with excellent craftsmanship and many styles to choose from.
When ordering mattresses, there are so many options available. We have  American style mattresses, with regular springs, or pocket springs, which are individual coils insulated in a "pocket".  For special comfort, we have memory foam known in Israel as "visco" or latex  to top the coils. There are also European style mattresses, with layers of foam and then memory foam or latex topper. The companies whose mattresses we sell have made our clients 
 happy for the past 14 years .
We are familiar with all the American sizes of mattresses that Anglos are used to and can provide any size mattress you need.
How would you like landing in Israel and walking into your apartment fully furnished before you arrive? This is something
we often do for clients, and set up complete apartments of furniture, so you can just move in and unpack!
 We give the best possible service a client can get in Israel when purchasing furniture.