Technical Product Manager / Writer / Support Engineer


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Technical Product Manager / Writer / Support Engineer
Full Time

Ronnie Rendel

Phone: +927-50-741-2963 Address: David Elazar 1, Givat Shmuel, Israel

Email: [email protected]; Role: Product Manager / Technical Solutions Architect

Deep experience Designing, Building, and maintaining mission critical systems including GL, ERP, Process Automation, Communication Intelligence, and Data Science for SMEs & the Fortune 500.

Work Experience

2018 - Present - Management Consultant (Contractor, Data Scientist)

  • Built, trained, and deployed machine learning algorithms for classification, entity recognition, Sentiment Analysis, & NLP functions.
  • Custom built enterprise dashboards and data insight tools integrating disparate data sources across different business units and geographic locations.
  • Designed & implemented enterprise knowledge graphs supporting above mentioned machine learning models.

2012-2018 - New Era Solutions (Partner, Product Manager):

Enterprise BI, business process automation, and custom application development for large commercial brokerages and investment banks in NYC.

  • Managed data flows & automated processes for acquiring commercial real estate data, cross-reference existing data and proprietary business entities, & transformations to fit existing data models, with personal responsibility for data quality.
  • Managed a team of 7 developers, DB7As, and support engineers, reporting to C-level executives.
  • Maintained personal ownership for deliverables, including product quality, requirements & Change Requests, prototyping, product design, and release management.

2006-2012 - SeaNet Technologies (Engagement Manager, SeaView Analytics):

Responsible for multiple Tier-1 investment banking accounts for low latency trading analytics tools and algorithmic order routing systems for high frequency trading pools.

2001-2003 - Trading Technologies (Product Manager, X_Trader_Market_Depth):

Responsible for product requirement management, product marketing collateral, intermediate between engineering, sales, & technical support. TT’s product suite includes electronic order routing & trade matching engines for global equities and derivatives markets.

Technical Experience

Databases, Data Science, & Machine Learning:

SQL, .Net, JavaScript, Python (Numpy, Pandas, SciKit, PyTorch), SAS/PDB, Git, SVN, NoSQL (Hadoop, BigQuery), Google Cloud Platform, Gmail API, ML Engine, Tensorflow, IBM Watson ML.

Product Management:

Product requirements analysis & documentation, Feature Requests & Issues Management, UX Design & Mockups, Product Marketing Management, Atlassian Jira & Confluence for Product Management.

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology:

Blockchain Engineering: Applied Cryptography, Consensus Protocol Analysis, Network Node Support

Open Finance: Theories of Decentralization, Distributed Liquidity Pools, Off-Chain Oracles, DAOs

Ethereum Development: Solidity Contract Development, Transaction Gas Estimation & Optimization

Education & activities

2001 - Bachelors of Science from Northwestern University, in Mathematics. Minor in Comp. Sci.

2016 - Machine Learning Startup: Algorithms & data processes building knowledge graphs. Selected to KamaTech’s Accelerator for Israeli High-Tech companies in 2017.

Volunteer @ Yeshiva Ventures, a technology educational initiative.

Personal Qualities

Excellent at reducing complex technical concepts to straight-forward business language. Experienced presenting & working with C-level management in Tier-1 US banks, and large SME organizations.

Open-minded, always trying to see the “bigger picture”.

Fluent bilingual English & Hebrew.

Military Service United States Army: Stinger Missile Team Chief, Army ROTC Scholarship.