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Aikido Aslan- A strengthening martial art for man only

 The Aikido Aslan is in academy for  martial art since 2010.

It was establish by Aslan sensei - that was a student at The new York Aikikai of the united states federation for aikido.

Aslan sensei practicing Aikido more then 16 years and was trained under the direct supervision of Yoshomitsu Yamada - the direct student of Morihei Ueshiba the founder of the aikido.

The Aikido Aslan practice specialized by strengthening one in  

a non-violent way and the progress is without a pain.

One Build self control and self discipline  & develop strength and character in a friendly atmosphere.

it is very useful for to help one to  persist in training and keeps in a good shape.

In Aikido Aslan No Prior Experience necessary

 Ages : 17-50

call us now for a free trial class :  050 212-6-999

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