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Sunset Grill Boutique BBQ Catering

Reuven 054-660-2855. Uri 054-636-0340 [email protected]

Sunset Grill is a professional, boutique BBQ catering that incorporates a fusion of the authentic American BBQ with Middle Eastern and Asian flavoring and spices. We cater for events of all sizes from barmitzvas, Sheva Brachot and birthday parties in your garden to weddings and business events. We supply delicious, quality BBQ dishes directly from the grill to the table. All cuisine is Kosher Mehadrin (Mateh Binyamin Regional Council). Sunset Grill places a unique touch to each event, tailoring and tweaking the menu based on the tastes of individual clients.  Sunset Grill also offers BBQ grilling workshops in the field on trips, hikes,and other social events.

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