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Jeff Mor Diamonds and Jewelry

True wholesaler from the Diamond Boursa with over 20 years experience.

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Clients Satisfaction

Mikey Holder
1 year ago

Buying a diamond is one of those rare purchases that can make you feel uneasy, a vulnerable time when parting with a significant amount of cash for a product that you know very little about, and the seller knows a whole ton about! Jeff turns the whole experience on its head. Jeff is a mensch, a completely honest and transparent guy to work with and purchase from, is proud of his creations, and has a large selection to suit all budgets. I highly recommend Jeffs diamonds.

Dana Rainsbury
1 year ago

Jeff not only created the perfect ring for us, but he also taught us about diamonds and what we were getting from him. We highly recommend Jeff for anybody looking for an engagement ring, especially if you don't know much about diamonds.

Yakov Garfinkel
1 year ago

In honor of the birth of our first daughter and our second wedding anniversary I reset my wife's engagement ring. It is hard to believe that this ring once looked completely different. We love the results!! Thank you Jeff for your amazing work!

Jerry Tauber
1 year ago

When I need diamond jewelry, Jeff Mor is the first person I go to. He's a knowledgeable professional, honest and a real gentleman.

Menachem Kossowsky
1 year ago

Jeff was very informative and helpful from beginning to end! Amazing to work with and delivered a stunning product! Extremely happy with his service!

Yael Goldberg
1 year ago

Amazing Customer Service and Product. Everything went smoothly and loved working with Jeff. Highly recommended!

1 year ago

I went to a few different popular diamond/engagement ring places in Israel and Jeff Mor had by far the best customer service and transparency. As an oleh, having someone who can speak English and who you can trust, when dealing with such major life purchases, is extra comforting. The final product was better then I could have expected and my fiance is constantly getting compliments on her ring, even from strangers in the street. But most importantly she loves it! Thank you Jeff Mor.

Gila Fraenkel Bernstein
1 year ago

Had the best experience! Being picky, I had a detailed list of all the things I wanted done to my ring. Jeff listened carefully and executed each detail exactly to my specifications. Not only did it come out completely perfect, but far beyond what I could have imagined! The customer service is something you will not find anywhere else. Highly recommend Jeff for any jewelry job you would ever need!

Leah Hellerstein
1 year ago

We had a great experience working with Jeff. We were greeted warmly, and received great professional service. Very accommodating, helpful and patient. Thank you very much!

Ariella Jakobovitz
1 year ago

Working with Jeff was amazing! He was very accommodating, personable and made designing a ring a pleasant experience for both me and my fiance. Thank you!