Women's Kabbalah and Self-Healing 5-week workshop


Women's Kabbalah and Self-Healing 5-week workshop
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 03/10/2021 31/10/2021 Starts 19:00 Ends 20:00 350 NIS

Kabbalah and Self-Healing 2


Spiritual Protections 

In today’s world, we need spiritual tools to protect ourselves from all the negative energy circulating. Just as we are surrounded by air, which we can’t necessarily see, there is energy all around us. When we enter a holy place where people think holy thoughts, pray, learn Torah and perform mitzvoth we can feel the holy energy. On the other hand, a place where people with negative thoughts and actions reside, the negative energy can be sensed. In order to protect ourselves from negative energy, we need to learn to recognize it so that we can take the proper precautions. The Torah and Talmud is replete with descriptions of this kind of energy, and suggestions of how to protect ourselves from being susceptible to its effect. There are even halachic applications designed to protect us from negative energy. In this course, we will learn sources from Torah, Talmud and Halacha concerning negative energy and spiritual protections. The course includes prayers, incantations, meditations and special EmunaHealing exercises designed to strengthen your emunasystem and thus protect you from any negative energy. We will also touch upon gemstones with special protective powers according to our Torah traditions. The course includes two workshops that also stand on their own, “The Magen David and its Protective Secrets” and “Dream Interpretation according to the Torah.”

*Yes women only....



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