Critique YouTube Videos for Consumers


Jan 21, 2021 | Jobs | Marketing | National
Critique YouTube Videos for Consumers
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We create review and how-to related videos for consumer products and services on YouTube. We then monetize these videos through affiliate income earned from promoting various products/services through these videos.

For example, we might have reviews of meal delivery kits that we’ll earn a commission from each time someone signs up for their service using one of our affiliate links.


$20 per hour (hours will be tracked via tracking)


Your job will be to review and analyze our videos (or audios) in the final stage to see if there are any corrections that need to be made in order to help our videos be more effective at converting and selling whatever product/service we might be promoting. These corrections could be changing the text to say something different, or it could be visual changes that should be made. It could even be things like “the music is too loud” or “that background is too distracting.”

For example, when you review a video, you might notice that the imagery being used is too “corporate” and that we should instead be using clips showing how to use the actual product/service.

Part of your role is to know what types of clips would be do-able for us to produce and what types of clips we may need to take a more generic approach on.

And as another example, you might find that the way the call to action is delivered, it comes across as being too “salesy” and can then make a recommendation how the wording could be changed to ‘sell’ people without them feeling like they’re being ‘sold’ to buy something.

Ultimately, you will then communicate any of these changes directly to the content creator, or to our video team manager so they can then make the necessary changes.

Also, an important part of this role though, is to understand how to sell through YouTube videos, and knowing how to communicate to people in a way that will lead to a sale. We’re not creating commercials, we’re creating reviews, how-to’s etc. so it has a different feel and style to it compared to say something like a car commercial.

Below is the link to a more detailed video explanation of what we are looking for, this is a must watch so you really get it.

Below are the videos I reference in the video above:

Top 5 Meal Delivery Services

A2 Hosting Review


This will start out as a part-time position (10-12 hours per week) but could certainly grow into a full-time position if interested. When you work, you'll be using a screenshot monitoring system, logged time and screenshots ensuring that you’re being productive. This is also a long term position. Our company is 1 year old and it's growing by the day so there is no end in sight.


See this short video it's explaining your interview test. This is the actual video you will be reviewing


* Submit a video of yourself telling me about yourself, your interest in this position and why you would be a good fit for this job.

** Record a video of yourself reviewing a product/service (3-5 min is fine). This could be your favorite pair of headphones, a kitchen device or software that you use on your computer. If reviewing something digital, you’ll want to use screen capture software to help show us what you’re talking about. We’re not judging the video/audio quality, so don’t be concerned about that at all. You can literally just use your phone for this. Your goal is to persuade me to be interested in trying or buying whatever it is you’re reviewing.


Thank you so much for your interest in this position. We appreciate you taking the time to read this and look forward to hearing from you!

Submit to Lance Gross

[email protected]

Lance lives in the west coast fyi


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