The Jewish Art of Expansive and Calm Living


The Jewish Art of Expansive and Calm Living

A brand new 16-week live teleconference/webinar series with R' Aryeh Nivin and Mrs. Robin Meyerson starts January 7. This new initiative for participants across the country will help people stay calm no matter what life brings. Even as the stress piles on, the world speeds up, the mind gets busy, you’re no longer in the here and now and you find your head going round in circles you can stay centered. It’s not your fault if no one taught you how to use the Torah’s principles of living in the present, instead of reliving the past and worrying about the future or how to be fully engaged in the life in front of you, even when you have challenges. This program will help you get out of narrow constructive thinking, and into a place of expanded consciousness.

This series will teach R' Nivin's 3-Level-Method on how to experience inner peace and expanded thinking, even in your busy life. Learn to help yourself and others to stop worrying about the future and reliving the past, taste the joy of aligning with your unique life purpose, master Jewish time-management tools to feel less frazzled and scattered, tap into the mystical power of living in the present, replace anxious thoughts with “expanded consciousness”, and create new opportunities with wide-angle thinking

After 30 years of experience in Jewish personal development, R' Nivin has developed a unique 3-Level-Method to take you from feeling frazzled and distracted, to present and expansive. In each level you'll learn new tools, a new "language" and new insights, that'll become your go-to toolkit when you're: swamped by work deadlines and juggling home-life too, disempowered by life circumstances and wondering which way to turn, and comparing yourself to people around you, who seem so energetic and productive.

Participants get 16 one-hour live interactive classes by phone or webinar to ask questions, process the concepts, participate in live workshops, recordings of each class available to listen at your convenience, a learning partner to keep you on track and practice the exercises and tools, a personal program liaison to answer questions and help you keep on top of the material, step-by-step strategies and exercises to create real tangible changes, practical tools, insight and wisdom, from Rabbi Nivin's 30 years of experience in personal development and coaching and a few minutes of homework to do each day.

To register or for questions: Phone/Text/WhatsApp: Mrs. Robin Meyerson at 602-469-1606 (US) or Email: [email protected]