Hebrew teacher -- A new approach


Hebrew teacher -- A new approach
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Does Ulpan not answer your specific needs or questions?

Is fluent or significant communication in Hebrew still a dream for you?

Have you learnt Hebrew (or lived in Israel) for years and Hebrew is still a problem?

Feeling intimidated by Hebrew, or confused about how it is organized?

We know how critical your language skills can be to get a good job in Israel; how superb communication skills in Hebrew can open the ears and hearts of Israelis to your products or business ideas (well beyond the “Anglo” market) or have deep personal communication. Your language ability can determine how active you are in your children’s education and your family’s healthcare, how successfully you reclaim your autonomy, and how much you feel part of Israeli culture and society.

Ulpan instruction has successfully introduced Hebrew to masses of people, but it cannot always address the specific communication skills you need or your personal way of learning.

Today, we understand that every individual has a Personal Learning Style (PLS).

When a significant teacher (primary school or Ulpan) is not aware of the student’s PLS, it is as if they communicate in very different sound frequencies, inaudible to one another. The student may experience an unjustified sense of failure, adding difficulties to an already challenging situation.

The good news is that a highly specialized and unique approach to learning has been developed by Daniel Krichmar and his students. Any learning task is an opportunity to unleash joy and efficacy in learning and dissolve learning blocks in a relatively short time (sometimes amazingly short). Daniel combines the specialized tools of linguistics (what you learn), psycholinguistics (how do humans learn language), and advanced approaches in personal learning abilities and counseling to success.

With a special emphasis in foreign language instruction, Daniel applies the Empowered Learning Approach techniques to other areas of learning, including math, science, and textual learning.

Contact Daniel directly with your questions!

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