IsraeLifeTip - This Year Started on 1/1/2020 N-289


IsraeLifeTip - This Year Started on 1/1/2020 N-289

Seems obvious.  


But supposedly a WhatsApp message from the Bank of Israel has been circulating which looks like spam or fake news -- but actually isn't.  It suggests or requires people to write out the full date this year e.g. "20/8/2020" instead of using the common shortcut "20/8/20."  The reason:  it's easy for someone to change a date that looks like "20/8/20" to "20/8/2019" by simply adding "19" to the end of the date.  

It's criminal to change a date in this fashion.  But being careful to write out "20/8/2020" may save you a big headache.  For example, a check you made out for "20/8/20" could be presented for payment if someone doctored it to read "20/8/2019" -- even though the check was meant to be paid in August 2020.

Source:  Walla
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