WinWinWin - Word of Mouse (and Keyboard)  T-307

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WinWinWin - Word of Mouse (and Keyboard)  T-307
135 NIS

Need a wireless keyboard and mouse?  
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Here's the word: The best budget keyboard and mouse combo is made by a well-known company and is available in Israel for 105 NIS.  I charge an additional 30 NIS for my research.  This comes to 135 NIS.  The average Internet price in Israel for this model is 160 NIS.  The average Internet price in Israel for keyboard mouse combos is 349 NIS. You save 25 - 214 NIS.
The price includes delivery via E-Post to a distribution point near you.  Home delivery is available for an extra price. 

Here is a short review (the reviewer gave the combo a 4.5/5 score):  

...exceptional wireless keyboard and mouse combination package...

Many computer stores make recommendations based on the deals they have with their suppliers.  I'm a completely independent computer consultant. 

My research:

Includes checking prices, reviews, features, availability in Israel, supplier reputation, and warranties.  I also factor in my own hands-on experience with various models and makes. 

At the end, I will give you a link to the best, lowest-priced item available in Israel that meets your needs -- as well as a link to an independent review.
Note:  For more information on mouse-alternatives, see my Janglo post "A Pain in the Mouse."

Please note:  the picture accompanying this post is for illustration only.
PS - Why is this a WinWinWin deal?
You Win -- the price is great. 
Win -- I make a sale. 
And -- the items are Winners!
Best Wishes,
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