Updated: 50 Podcast Links


Updated: 50 Podcast Links

Hi Everyone!

I added a new podcast section to my links page at:


The 50 new links include:

- Google Podcasts

- Israel News Talk Radio

- The Land of Israel Network

- The Jewish Hour

- Jew in the City

- Israel Daily News Podcast

- Bring Them Home

- The Jerusalem Post

- The Times of Israel Daily Briefing

- Rabbi Berel Wein

- 5 Minute Parsha Inspiration - Rabbi Danny Eisenberg

- The Rabbi Orlofsky Show

- YUTorah: Daily Shiur

- Jerusalem Lights

- The Yishai Fleisher Israel Podcast

- Nobody Talks Shiduchim

- Jewish Stories to Inspire

- Shine: Inspired Jewish Women Podcast

- The Jewish Living Podcast

- Streetwise Hebrew

- The Pulse of Israel Avi Abelow

- Israel Hour Radio: Israeli Music Podcast

- Web Yeshiva

- Teller From Jerusalem

and many more....

Technology Podcasts include:

- TWIT - This Week in Tech

- Inside EVs: Electric Vehicle News

- WSJ Tech News Briefing

- Kim Komando Explains

- NPR - Short Wave

- Discovery - Curiosity Daily

- CNET: Tech News Now

- TED Talks Daily

- Daily Tech Headlines


Shavua Tov,


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