CompuTip - Turn Your Email Address into a Public Address J-359


CompuTip - Turn Your Email Address into a Public Address J-359
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DON'T turn your "standard" email address into a "public address."


There are loads of free websites and programs out there, but often they require you to register with an email address.  Registering with your "standard" email address will turn it into a "public address" -- causing you to be bombarded with slews of offers, updates, unwanted freebies, etc., etc. (aka Outlook Live) and Gmail both let you create and use several different email addresses in the same account. These are known as aliases. 

Create an "alias" such as "[email protected]" or "[email protected]"  Your alias or second email username will simply be another name for your regular email account.   

Here's the advantage: you can easily set up your email program to move all email sent to "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" directly to your Trash folder. For more information: 

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