Astrology consultant (Zoom or in-person)


Astrology consultant (Zoom or in-person)

Astrology is a symbolic language which integrates modern psychology and oriental philosophies. A sensitive and professional reading of your birth chart serves to clarify
and deepen your understanding of who you are.

My wish, as I read your chart, is to illuminate your talents and strengths, and to validate your struggles and pain. Together we will understand the needs of your unique soul so that you can access the treasures with which you have come into this world.

The method of astrology I use is Evolutionary Astrology. Steven Forrest, my first and foremost teachers, and one of the most renowned astrologers of our time, has been the biggest influence on my style of reading a chart, and I am a member of the Forrest Center of Evolutionary Astrology.

Unlike traditional astrology, which can be fixed and fatalistic, Evolutionary Astrology is fluid and inspiring. It shows you choices in how to work with supporting and challenging energies so you can stay on course for your soul-growth.

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Clients Satisfaction

Notice: Due to the potential damage of unfair and biased comments Janglo allows only positive reviews.
Hanan Feinstein
7 months ago

Nili is a highly gifted Evolutionary Astrologer. I have never received such an illuminating and uplifting reading. I immediately felt comfortable with Nili because she is sensitive and professional. Her reading has provided me with valuable knowledge and a new sense of meaning; she knew how to describe my challenges as well as my capacities and strengths. I highly recommend a reading with Nili, if you are interested in your spiritual journey, and committed to your internal growth.

Nadav Serling
7 months ago

Though skeptical of Astrology, but with respect for Nili’s sensitivity and intelligence, I decided to go to her for a reading. The result was a stunning revelation of a detailed and undeniable map of my underlying nature. As importantly, Nili’s focus on using her skills to help reveal and deepen an awareness of one’s self, without imposing her own opinions or seeking to offer advice, enabled me to feel safe and free to take the information however I saw fit. I cannot recommend Nili highly enough.