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Evolutionary Astrology
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Astrology is a symbolic language which integrates modern psychology and oriental philosophies. A sensitive and professional reading of your birth chart serves to clarify
and deepen your understanding of who you are.

My wish, as I read your chart, is to illuminate your talents and strengths, and to validate your struggles and pain. Together we will understand the needs of your unique soul so that you can access the treasures with which you have come into this world.

The method of astrology I use is Evolutionary Astrology. Steven Forrest, my first and foremost teachers, and one of the most renowned astrologers of our time, has been the biggest influence on my style of reading a chart, and I am a member of the Forrest Center of Evolutionary Astrology.

Unlike traditional astrology, which can be fixed and fatalistic, Evolutionary Astrology is fluid and inspiring. It shows you choices in how to work with supporting and challenging energies so you can stay on course for your soul-growth.

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Clients Satisfaction

3 years ago

I have been studying Hebrew with Nili since July and not only have I enjoyed every session but I have also learned so much in only a few weeks. Nili is a great and very knowledgeable teacher; she was able to put me at ease right away and adapted to my level, my needs and my goals. The atmosphere is very friendly, flexible and entertaining yet studious and I am always looking forward to the next class. Many of my relatives and myself have noticed that my Hebrew greatly improved since I started studying with her. So I strongly recommend Nili to anybody in need of an amazing teacher.

Sarah Packer
3 years ago

Nili is by FAR the best, most incredible Hebrew teacher I have ever had! I honestly cannot say enough great things about her. Her approach is learning what is important to you! I'm not one to sit and go through text books, so together we chose some books and read them together. She also makes sure that I am talking in Hebrew through the whole lesson. She is so knowledgeable, patient, and kind. I hardly ever write recommendations but if you're looking for the BEST Hebrew tutor out there - Nili's your gal!

Dina Mizrahi
3 years ago

I have been taking Hebrew lessons with Nili for a few months and my Hebrew is improving. She is a great teacher, patient and thorough. On top of that, she is a wonderful person! I highly recommend her.

lianne lasry
Amazing Hebrew teacher!
3 years ago

Nili has been teaching my daughter for the last six months. She has been absolutely wonderful, my daughter is enjoying the lessons and she has progressed beautifully with her Hebrew reading and grammar work. We highly recommend her teaching!