Anglo Lawyer Attorney Specializing in Family Law


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Anglo Lawyer Attorney Specializing in Family Law

Once you start getting involved in a family law issue in Israel, you realize that you are not in "Kansas" anymore, Toto (or anywhere else in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. or Australia for that matter).  

Although Israel may be a modern state, when it comes to Family law there are two competing systems - the secular Family court and the religious Rabbinic courts - which both compete and compliment each other and which can lead to some very unexpected results.  

If you or your friends or family need help to navigate the Israeli family law system with pre or post nuptial agreements, divorce, wills and estates, probate issues, etc. then call us - we walk hand in hand with out clients and bridge the culture gap between Israel and "Kansas".  

Our main office is in Tel Aviv, but we have satellite offices in Jerusalem and Haifa, and meeting spaces in most Anglo areas in israel.  Click on our website link or facebook link to see informative videos about the family law process in Israel.  

Women - download our free full length book Everything Anglo Jewish Women Need To Know About Divorce In Israel here!

Men - download our free full length book Everything Anglo Jewish Men Need To Know About Divorce In Israel here!  


Clients Satisfaction

Highly recommend
3 months ago

Jay worked tirelessly on a complex international case involving 2 court systems and an extremely harrowing and tough circumstance. He could not have done any better and he was definitely excellent legal counsel. Highly recommend.

Yehudit Ben-David
Best decision! Highly recommend!
1 year ago

I came to Jay in a panic hoping that he could help me resolve an urgent matter. Jay was vacationing but responded to me right away and set up a phone consultation for the following morning. My anxiety vanished during our conversation- Jay's tremendous knowledge base coupled with his calm and patient demeanor left me feeling reassured, better informed, and provided me with the tools necessary to transition into the next step of my legal process. You will not be disappointed if you choose Jay as your legal counsel- he is both a professional and a mensch!

Dijana Miloshevic
1 year ago

I had very good experience with this company. Advices was good and realistic. I highly recommending this company.

Melanie Axelrad
truly a saint
2 years ago

Jay is truly a saint. His free downloadable book was filled with valuable information that helped educate me on the Israeli legal system and understand the divorce process, in my own language. I cannot say enough how much I needed this help as I am here with no family to turn to. In conversation with Jay, it is clear how knowledgeable he is on cases like mine. I am still early on in the process of my divorce, but if we cannot come to an agreement, and I need to hire a lawyer, I will definitely choose Jay Hait to represent me. I am so appreciative for Jay and all of his work.

David Sidransky
an outstanding advocate
2 years ago

Jay is a great lawyer and an outstanding advocate for his clients. I felt confident in his hands during a very trying and difficult situation. He provided not only critical legal advice but sage advice that comes from years of experience and successful resolutions dealing with all kinds of people. His patience and persistence helped avoid conflict and digression during a long tumultuous process. With Jay and his staff, we stayed focus and achieved a fair and amicable resolution.

Mindy Ben Ishai
an incredible lawyer
2 years ago

Via FB: Jay is an incredible lawyer who took the time to provide guidance and clarity during this very overwhelming and confusing time in my life. As an Anglo woman living in Israel, navigating through the legal system and all the Hebrew has been difficult to say the least, but I feel confident now that I have met Jay .

Yosef Yaakov Goldberg
extremely helpful and supportive
2 years ago

Via FB: Jay was extremely helpful and supportive through the whole difficult and trying time. Even before I hired him as my lawyer he made himself available for phone conversations and gave me helpful counsel. His support staff, Yafit, was also very professional and supportive. I was very thankful for their help and would recommend them to anyone looking for a family lawyer.

Esther Rutledge
Phone Consultation
2 years ago

I had a phone consultation with Jay who offered great advice and direction in moving forward with a complicated situation. He was very caring and straight forward and was able to walk me through the next steps. I got off the phone confident in knowing what to do next and felt I had someone I could turn to again if the case gets more complicated. Thanks Jay!

Leo Stilman
Real Professional
2 years ago

I had initial, 30-minute introductory call with Jay Hait regarding family law. The case is quite complicated and involve US law in two states and the Israeli law. I was more than impressed by a deep knowledge and a clear presentation. Going to contract Jay and recommend his services to others

David Margolese
2 years ago

I suggest reading Jay's book as a first step if you are involved in a divorce. From there you will get a sense of the man (as well as the rabbit hole you are about to go down) -- strongly emotionally intelligent, professionally knowledgeable with a view of both the forest and the trees, and a mensch.

Eliyahu BenTal
Jay Hait
4 years ago

I would like to thank Jay very, very much for all his time. It is rare to get such detailed, accurate and straightforward advice as he gives. With Jay in the picture, I knew what to expect at each stage of the proceedings, he made me aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each option that came up along the way and he let me sleep easily at night knowing the overall plan and goals for as smooth a transition as possible for the children. He's already been incredibly helpful to the people I have recommended to him and I will continue telling anyone in need of legal assistance to be sure to see him.
A Layer with a heart
4 years ago

There is an old joke about finding a lawyer with a heart. Jay Hait is that rare exception. He is helping me with a difficult legal challenge. It's Jay's combination of legal skill and human understanding that makes him so valuable. I've been around the law my whole life, My Uncle was the President of the State Bar Association. He would approve of my choice of attorneys. When you have a legal problem, Contact Jay Hait. he's responsive, professional and in short, a mensch. Hire him. You'll be glad you did. I certainly am.

Broderick Nesher
4 years ago

I was in a difficult legal place, and Jay came to my rescue. He spent countless hours working to get it resolved. He's a professional and a mentch.