Alan Freishtat Personal Training & Wellness Coaching


Alan Freishtat Personal Training & Wellness Coaching

Alan Freishtat has successfully improved the quality of life for people with: 

Diabetes •Lower Back Pain •Weight Loss •General Stress High Cholesterol •High Blood Pressure •Fatigue Fibromyalgia •Anxiety •Depression


Phone: 02-651-8502   Cell: 050-555-7175

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What Our Clients Say: 

"When I came to Alan, my life was out of control.  I had put on a tremendous amount of weight and at a relatively young age, my cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and blood sugar were all way beyond normal limits.  With Alan’s guidance, I lowered my sugar by 96 points and my triglycerides by almost 200 points.  My blood pressure and cholesterol both dropped to normal levels and most importantly, I was able to function normally and with abundant energy. I will forever be grateful to Alan for helping me add hours to my days, days to my years and years to my life!!" - Ezri Pines, 47 years old, Jerusalem

 "I highly recommend Alan Freishtat’s fitness programs for anyone who would like to feel better, look better, and be fit.  Alan has a great team of excellent professionals who develop fitness programs tailored to each individual’s needs.No one size fits all here!

As a psychologist, I can tell you that exercise is one of the most powerful mental health methods available. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, coping with stress, ADHD or low self-esteem (and many other issues) exercise and coaching can be a very important part of your program.  Since I started working out with Alan I not only have more strength, energy and endurance, but I also feel great about my ability to take on challenges and succeed."
- Yehudis Mishell, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Jerusalem
Author of Beyond Your Ego