Rabbinical attorney Avinoam Shemesh. Immediate assistance for Shalom Bait or Divorce


Rabbinical attorney Avinoam Shemesh. Immediate assistance for Shalom Bait or Divorce

Rabbinical attorney and Mediator Avinoam Shemesh grew up in a kibbutz and served in the army in an elite unit.

Made a long tour of the world and made tshuva at the age of 30 (22 years ago) since then he has been mainly involved in the Torah.

Avinoam is married, in a second relationship, to Yifat and father of 10 charming children.

In the course of his life he learned to speak 70 languages, all in Hebrew, and in addition he also speaks fluent English.

Every Jew will feel empathy and receive a listening ear from him.

The Mishnah says: "Make a rabbi for yourself, and buy yourself a friend", and Avinoam is certainly worth buying as a friend and a brother for times of trouble.

Rabbinical attorney Avinoam Shemesh mainly deals with family law, either in attempts to reach Shalom bait through a mediation process, or in representation in the rabbinical courts in cases of divorce.



Clients Satisfaction

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eliyahu levine
1 year ago

Highly recommended. I recently turned to Rav Avinoam a few times for help and he responded immediately with sound advice.

Eitan Omiyi
1 year ago

Excellent advocate. Available at all hours. He cares about the client. Knows the law and Aalways looking out for what is the best interest for the client. He not only guides the client through the legal aspects of the divorce but also the emotional aspects. I am very pleased with his work.

Avi B
1 year ago

Rabbinical attorney Avinoam Shemesh is an excellent choice. Someone to depend on, available, cares and fights for your rights.

1 year ago

Avinorm was very professional and efficient. The entire process went smoothly and he is knowledge. Highly recommend.

Gregory Stadtman
1 year ago

Things were stuck and not moving until Avinoam helped us. I highly recommend him.

zvi adler
1 year ago

As soon as i met Avinoam, I discovered in front of me a scholar who is knowledgeable and well versed in the issues as well as in the conduct of Bet-Din`s in Israel. At the same time, he was welcoming and very patient and was ready to go back and explain the details even to those who are not familiar with the subject. In the hearings, he acted very wisely and led the case in an excellent manner until the verdict in my favor! The decision to contact him turned out to be an excellent and worthwhile decision and I highly recommend him!