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Not sure what exercises you should be doing to reach your fitness goals? Tired of not seeing results? Missing a motivating, fun, energetic and knowledgable trainer?

Call me for an over the phone consultation where we can discuss your goals and fitness experience and make a plan to meet for a session, where we will go over a program, design realistic and achievable goals and get started!

Born in and raised in Canada, I moved to Israel October 2013 to further expand my studies at the Wingate Institute. My BA is in Gerontology, and have many years experience working with the elderly in a recreational therapy capacity in addition to specialized fitness training. I got my personal training certification in Toronto and at Wingate. Constantly striving to expand my knowledge and learn more to help my clients. 

I will come to your home, office, meet at the park or even the beach. You tell me where, I will be there.

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