Mr. Exterminator - Your peace and quiet is our peace and quiet


Mr. Exterminator - Your peace and quiet is our peace and quiet

Mr. Exterminator provides pest control services for private homes and businesses, with many years of experience in controling different types of pests in various environments, we strictly adhere to the law and maintain safety when working with the materials.

At Mr. Exterminator, we strive for an uncompromising outcome for you, providing the most sensitive service, paying attention to the smallest details and offering the most competitive prices to give you a perfect customer experience and a satisfactory solution.

We offer creative solutions to harmful problems - from the simplest to the most complex, we want to let you enjoy the unequivocal knowledge that your living environment is devoid of pests, leaving us busy with the cockroaches and rats, while allowing your thoughts to deal with the really important things.

Certified Exterminator. License Number: 2436


Clients Satisfaction

Gal Tal
Wonderful service
10 months ago

The guy came to our house not long ago, we used to have so many cockroaches I used to find at least 3 evereyday, Since Mr Dor did the job I haven't seen a single roach in a month, friendly and fair prices.