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Mr. Exterminator

Mr Exterminator

Top Notch pest control.

Pest problems can affect your quality of life, be it mosquitos, termites, rats, or even ant and cockroaches - we can make it disappear.

We offer a variety of solutions for every pest problem, from simple spraying to complicated projects and retainers, we do everything.

Special services we offer:

Anti Mosquito spraying (yes, it exists).
On spot Rat Catching.
Termites & Bedbugs
Odorless spray (must be requested, no extra cost)

It's our pleasure to provide service.

Ask us anything any time: 077-8040031 (Dor)

Certified Exterminator. License Number: 2436


Clients Satisfaction

Gal Tal
Wonderful service
2 years ago

The guy came to our house not long ago, we used to have so many cockroaches I used to find at least 3 evereyday, Since Mr Dor did the job I haven't seen a single roach in a month, friendly and fair prices.