One-stop Home Renovations and Repairs in the Greater Jerusalem Areas


One-stop Home Renovations and Repairs in the Greater Jerusalem Areas
Available 24/7 [email protected]

Oded of AMIN SERVICES has over 35 years of experience as a certified electrician and renovation contractor, including years as the head of maintenance departments at several  well known Jerusalem hotels and  government buildings.

* building maintenance

* building frames

* pergolas

* Interior doors

* carpentry

* construction

* cleaning services

* repairs of refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines

* certified electrician

* plumbing

* painting  

* dry walls

* new doors for home at low prices 

* general renovations and repairs

* gardening

Professional, reliable, available 24 hours, 6 days a week, fair prices

Oded - 052 2781358

References from satisfied Janglo customers available


Clients Satisfaction

1 month ago

A genuine mensch. Excellent work, fair prices and quick results. Highly recommended.

Steven Zerobnick
1 month ago

Oded is a reliable, competent and experienced repairman. He's been able to fix everything we've ever asked of him and he's done it in a timely and efficient way. He's also a real mentsch and pleasant to have in your home. When you need a handyman I highly recommend Oded.

Or Wexler
1 month ago

Oded is a very reliable handyman. We appreciate his pleasant maners. Always ready to help! We highly recommend him. Oded is the right person to call with any technical problem at home or in the office.

Annette Gilmour
2 months ago

Oded is a handyman who can fix almost anything. When it doesn’t seem possible he can improvise. He arrives on time (most people in Israel do not!), works quickly and efficiently without fuss. He is very friendly and chatty and good to deal with.

Joan Gadon
2 months ago

Oded fixed a variety of things in my home including plumbing and electricity. He is reliable and efficient. Oded has been the only person I have called for repairs for many years. I highly recommend him.

Liz Dror
2 months ago

Oded is a great all around handyman. He can repair everything. He is prompt ,works clean and a nice honest man. Highly recommended.