Fluent German speaking Administrative Superman (m/f) >> Maternity Repl


Fluent German speaking Administrative Superman (m/f) >> Maternity Repl
025011107 [email protected] http://www.aleh.org
Yafo street 208

FluentGerman speaking Administrative Superman (m/f) >> 

Maternity Replacement

ALEH is looking for a candidate to be part of the fundraising team in the city center of Jerusalem – position starting January 12th 

1. Manage the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software (
familiarity with Salesforce a big plus).
2. Assist to plan events, development of Marketing materials, Marketing campaigns and similar fundraising activities.
3. Schedule, calendar and manage targets + deadlines.
4. Desk research and online research.
5. Back-office for the department.
6. Assist in contacting and correspondence with both Israeli and international contacts Conversational level of Hebrew is therefore required.
7. Perform intermediary level of project management such as volunteer outings.
8. Develop contact with small donors, activists and organizations.
9. Translating articles and short texts into German from English and vice versa.

1. 'Rosh Gadol' – out of the box thinker and able to work independently, as well as being able to follow procedures and work in set frame- and team work.
2. Able to work with Outlook, Excel, Google Doc-programs.
3. Excellent verbal and written communication in German (Hochdeutsch/Standarddeutsch) is a must! Any additional language is a great advantage, especially French!
4. Basic verbal and written communication in both Hebrew and English a must!
5. Team player capable of brainstorming new and existing fundraising approaches.

Compensation is according to work experience brought to the job to be based on standard employer contract.

Position immediate available!
Full time, Sunday through Thursday.
Employer expects on time and excellent attendance.
Job inquiry correspondence in English please!