Ezra's Plumbing and Bathroom/Kitchen Renovation Service!


Ezra's Plumbing and Bathroom/Kitchen Renovation Service!
050 735 6752 [email protected]


American (Israeli certified) Plumber at your service

Doing service all over Yerushalayim

Drain Cleaning/unclogging

Water leaks

change/repair water & Sewer lines

Toilets, sinks and all types of plumbing fixtures installation

Solar heated water tanks (דוד שמש) and Boilers

Interior Renovations

050 735 6752

Work is Always Guaranteed!

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Clients Satisfaction

Janglo News
Super Job
9 years ago

Excellent work. Not just plumbing, but also tiling etc. Fluent in both Hebrew and English so that's easy. His many years of experience gave me confidence to use him, but the work was better than expected. Also amazingly quick - Job done 2 hours after calling him the first time! So happy I chose him!