Remote Internship


Remote Internship
[email protected]

I am a 
  • Honors List Senior Year Computer Scientist at Birzeit University. 
  • Passionate Bilingual American with a love for problem-solving and self-development. 
  • Third Place Winner of Exalt Technologies 24-hour startup Hackathon competition.
  • Previously Full Stack Intern at iConnect Technologies. 

Currently looking for a remote internship to gain further work experience. 

Programming Languages

Java , C, C# ,JavaScript, HTML/CSS ,SCSS , PHP ,SQL , MySQL Typescript ,Verilog HDL , Assembly

Tools and Technologies

Angular, ASP.NET, Eclipse , CodeBlocks, Visual Studio, VSCode, Android Studio, Unity, Git Version Control ,Postman, Scratch, SQL Server ,MySQL , SceneBuilder, Quartus

Please feel free to contact me at