Addressing Every Single Concern A 5 Part Shidduchim Workshop


Addressing Every Single Concern A 5 Part Shidduchim Workshop

Sunday, February 20th, 

20:30 Israel time (19:30 UK, 13:30 US eastern)

I bet that you're someone who cares about advancing shidduchim and successful marriages for the next generation, is that right?

If you're a mother who has children who are nearly beginning shidduchim or already in shidduchim, no matter what the family context - all are welcome to join our community of support and resources.

After these 5 dynamic sessions, with the Almighty's help, you’ll feel empowered to escort your child on their relationship journey with greater peace of mind.

Please choose one of the following:

1. You yourself are a mother who wants community and support towards helping your child towards a smoother shidduch process.

Just contact me at [email protected] or +972-52-760-4452 for information and to register.

2. Even if you are not interested in joining now, you can join at a later workshop. Click on this link to register your information:

3. If the workshop is not relevant to you, you can still share the information and positively impact the possibility of successful shidduchim, by forwarding this email to others.

We're ALL building our nation.

For information and registration: [email protected] or +972-52-760-4452

200 NIS Per Person or $75