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Company Administrator
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We need a highly motivated sales and office coordinator who fits our culture. We have big goals and are expecting exponential growth in the coming years. We are looking to hire this critical position within 3 weeks. Responsible for the overall general day-to-day administration including support to the executive team, you will have a detailed knowledge of office and sales management. This person should demonstrate exceptional customer service and pro-active problem-solving skills. You enjoy learning new things and are highly motivated to get things done accurately to keep the rest of the team doing what they do best. You will be inspired to write things down, use checklists, value relationships and thrive in a fun, fast-paced environment where you need to be very comfortable communicating with a wide-range of people. You’ll love connecting with people whether by phone, email or in person and will have tremendous organizational skills and interpersonal communication skills. You are someone who enjoys creating and improving systems, and you will embrace change and thrive within our growth-oriented culture. You want more than just a job and are passionate about our mission to help other businesses thrive.

You would describe yourself as:

 An enthusiastic self-starter…

 Independent and Assertive…

 A forward-thinker…

 Always anticipating needs…

 Focused on systems management and compliance while being flexible for optimal results…

 A team-player…

 Competitive and driven to succeed…

 Highly organized and detail-oriented…

 Adaptable and friendly…

 Focused on quality and accuracy…

 Prompt and always comes prepared…

 Commitment-minded with a “do whatever it takes” attitude…

About YDLP Investments:

We help families build long-term wealth through investments in US Commercial and MF Real Estate deals usually reserved for the wealthy. To date, we have helped more than 120 investors either get started or continue building their real estate portfolios so that they can retire with peace of mind and have a nest egg, as well as financial plan, to give to their children. We have a wide network of operators through whom we have invested more than $13,000,000 into close to twenty opportunities. This role is the final piece of our executive team and will help us grow more than ever before. Working with us will give you the opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge in both business in general and real estate in particular. “Working for YDLP investments is an amazing opportunity for learning, growth and job satisfaction. Having been with Dovid and Yaakov from the relatively early days I have had the privilege of working with 2 absolute professionals who are also fantastic people. The company culture and office atmosphere make working for YDLP a pleasure where employee growth and learning are encouraged and employee happiness paramount.” - Raphi Bloch, Kids Kicking Cancer, National Director

Nature of the role:

The primary responsibility is ensuring that our office can achieve its goals by assisting all departments within the business and handling the day-to-day functions of the business, thereby providing smooth operation of the office as a whole. A key focus of this role is enabling the business to operate in a seamless fashion, identifying needs, and completing tasks as they arise to ensure that the office as whole can operate in an effective manner.

Key elements of this role:

 Manage all day-to-day overall sales and office administrative

 Manage CRM by maintaining & updating leads & prospects, generating queries & reports for KPIs, &

other CRM duties as necessary

 Keep current pulse on sales pipeline to assist Sales Team in pursuing opportunities in a timely manner

 Administrative follow-up with leads and candidates for needed documents, scheduling, event

invitations, and other items as necessary

 Compile weekly scorecard of Sales Department

 Organize sales systems & tools to enable the Sales Team to focus on selling

 Prepare agendas, other materials, and coordinate catering for candidate in-house visits

 Maintain up-to-date calendars for all team members

 Partner with team to create manuals and document processes – both new and existing

 Organize & plan all events

 Prepare agenda & document and scribe minutes/action items for all team meetings

 Be hands on with all functions in the business so that you take as much of the administrative tasks off

the plate of everybody else as possible

 Savvy with technology and well-versed in Microsoft Office, online navigation, and mobile apps

 Suggest and gain buy-in to implement and streamline processes

 Be willing to learn and be coachable

 And, other duties assigned


 Super fun, high energy, like-minded, purpose-driven colleagues

 Mentoring and coaching

 Grow like you’ve never grown before

 Access to top tier real estate investments

 Generous vacation and holiday schedule

 No travel required.

 Make a huge difference by supporting bringing our message of financial freedom to 1000 families.

This position is not a remote position. Our office is located in Central Jerusalem.

Due to the anticipated volume of applications, please we may not be able to get back to you! We appreciate your understanding.

Please email [email protected] with your resume, and a statement describing why you find this role interesting.


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