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Special Tour
Physical 09/02/2022 09/02/2022 Starts 08:30 Ends 17:00 280 NIS

A very rich day of touring and learning
Wednesday, February 9.Depart at the Inbal hotel at 8:30Return approx 5:30280 shekels
The Museum of Babylonian Jewry
in Yehud
The world's only museum that offers a glimpse into the world’s oldest Jewish
Diaspora taking one on a journey through 2600 years of
Babylonian history. The museum is designed around the
the motif of a traditional twentieth-century Iraqi Jewish home;
visitors can stroll through a typical alley in Baghdad’s old
Jewish Quarter and can be inspired by a replica of the
Great Synagogue.
Integration with Arab culture, expansion into foreign markets,
Education, the Farhud (1941), Zionism and other movements,
the mass exodus of the Jews (1950-1952) along with the
integration in the State of Israel and the secrecy of saving
Torah Scrolls are all part of the focus of the museum.

"Machon Ayalon" Institute in Rehovot.
Under the very noses of the British mandatory occupation, young kibbutz members produced millions of bullets for the coming struggle for Independence, literally underground. Their story is unique and hard to believe. The entire underground operation is now open to the public Together with an educational film and a tour of the secret factory, a story of idealism, determination, and a "Yiddishe kup" is told.
The "Garin Torani" of Ramla
We will have the honor to visit with the idealists of the Garin Torani of Ramla.Dragged into the eye of the storm and bruised by the riots in May, these stalwart young families and yeshiva students are redoubling their efforts in strengthening the Jewish presence and spirit on the front lines for Am Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel.We will be hosted at the yeshiva by the eminent rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Handler.
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