Beauty is all around us. The sun is still shining brightly.

Hashem is holding us in His arms, in the very midst of isolation and death.

As we read of person after person departing this world, we can choose to embrace all that is deeply meaningful, continuing on our path. Celebrating life. Celebrating recovery. Anticipating the all-clear “return to normal.”

Linking arms in the challenge of survival, we are family, like never before! And as family, I am reaching out for your help today.

The Chaya Malka Burn Foundation is still at the helm, soothing and calming burn victims and their families. Facilitating their navigation through unspeakable pain and bureaucratic mazes.

A pot of hot water fell on the leg of Evelyn, 80 yr. She has no family, lives in Tel Aviv and has a bit of dementia.
Her leg is swollen, painful and we wish we were near and able to visit instead of Lockdown distancing. We are have been in touch with Evelyn daily since we were told of her burn last week, making suggestions and simply listening to her struggles.

They depend on us, on you, to help them. Their cries and suffering and need for financial assistance goes on, despite financial losses that are impacting many people.

The only organization in Israel that deals exclusively with Israeli burn victims, our work is crucial in helping them and their families, as well as educating the public. Most of you, our faithful friends, know that already.

Will you help us today to keep our doors open?

We urgently need you to step up and donate. Go to our PayPal link below or write that check you have been putting off. As a family member of the CMBF, please reach down in your heart. Family helps family. Give something.

Take action now. Your loving chesed will bring you great dividends. You are not only helping burn victims but investing in the world to come.

Sending rich and heartfelt blessings,

Chaya Malka, Director
Chaya Malka Burn Foundation
HOTLINE: 972 587 627 954
DONATE IN THE US Please send a tax-deductible gift to…CMBF 14 Uxbridge St., Staten Island, NY, 10314-5022


DONATE IN ISRAEL Contact [email protected] for bank transfer details


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