CompuTip - Hidden Codes for Searching Netflix T-350


CompuTip - Hidden Codes for Searching Netflix T-350

Looking for particular types of Netflix movies or TV series?


Do you love Alien Sci-Fi flicks?  What about Biographical Dramas?  Or Urban & Dance Concerts?  All these and many more  can be located using the What's On Netflixsite.  This site is built for US Netflix accounts.  Israeli Netflix may have some different codes and categories.

Netflix is great and has even come to Israel.  But there's so much to see.  Below is a guide which gives you a complete list of Netflix's "hidden" movie categories and subcategories for better searching.  

How to Use Secret Netflix Codes to Unlock Hidden Movie Categories

Thanks to AL for sending me this link! 

Want to check out Israeli movies and TV series?  Try this.  

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