Operations Manager


Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Do you get a thrill from taking abstract concepts and turning them into a reality? 

Are you adept at coordinating people and processes to “get it all done”? 

Do you have an understanding of and excitement for the field of personal development and coaching? 

Do you possess a unique blend of interpersonal and organizational skills combined with lots of tech savvy? Do you have loads of common sense? 

We’re hiring! Turning Point is a fun, fast-paced, personal development coaching and training firm that’s looking for the next superstar. We are where business growth meets personal transformation. We empower leaders, their spouses, families and teams to actualize their greatest potential. 

Qualified applicants must enjoy learning, be willing to stretch, and be open and interested in the possibility of growth within our company.  

A big perk for the right candidate: You’ll have direct access to our huge library of proprietary content as well as the opportunity to learn insights that others pay a small fortune to access. Additionally, you’ll working with  and learning directly from our CEO and world class mentors.

This position might be a  fit if you:

  • Understand and have experience with the deep value and transformative benefits of personal development work.  Concepts and ideas that are drawn from the world of positive psychology and coaching excite and energize you. 

  • Excel at leading, managing and holding others accountable for achieving agreed-upon commitments. 

  • Have the ability to integrate all major operating functions of the business and ensure that everyone is rowing together in the same direction.

  • Can resolve issues effectively—seeing real problems, being comfortable with conflict, calling out the problems, and solving them in a practical and healthy manner.  

  • Can work to ensure that the leadership team operates cohesively.

  • Have strong professional communication skills that communicate confidence in both the spoken and written word. 

  • Understand time and productivity management and are comfortable and competent in a fast-paced environment. 

  • Are tech-savvy and excited to roll up your sleeves and dig into new platforms to improve processes and systems. 

  • Are able to strike the balance of sticking to a structure and curriculum, and knowing when to deviate and “go with the flow” or improvise. 

  • Can effectively communicate and collaborate with strong and challenging personalities and adeptly foster cooperation. 

  • Are fast and can meet deadlines and work quickly, independently, and efficiently. 

  • Are detail-oriented. You can catch small things that translate into the creation and execution of more efficient and streamlined processes for the company.   

  • Will faithfully execute the business plan, achieving or exceeding planned P&L objectives.  

  • Possess a strategic side. Although implementation and integration may be your primary strength, you must be able to understand and contribute to the company’s strategic direction and decisions.

  • Are highly responsible and will do what it takes to get the job done. You are deeply committed to values alignment, focus and clarity; ultimately to the business and its success. 

  • Have the ability to appreciate and value the Visionary entrepreneur’s creativity, passion, and drive while simultaneously working to integrate and balance those assets effectively to maintain harmony with key business functions.  

You will be playing a vital role in the actual delivery of our unique service. As Operations Manager, you will:

  • Be the “general manager” and oversee programs & processes such as speaking engagements, travel, webinars, sales and marketing, recruiting & training of new team members, organizing online files & procedures. 

  • Manage Client engagements including curriculum integration, coaching processes and logistics. 

  • Ensure that services are delivered in keeping with the company’s business plan and an eye toward P & L objectives. 

  • Oversee our team of personal and business Mentors including real-time coordination and rollout of our curriculum and continuous training of the team.

  • Develop meaningful relationships with our clients to be able to continuously assess and evaluate how we can best meet their needs

  • Understand the deep value inherent in the personal development and coaching services we provide to our clients and communicate that conviction and enthusiasm in your interactions with prospects, clients and mentors.

  • Independently research and develop content, as well as coordinate the development and creation of new modules and curriculum by team members