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Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

Jerusalem Apartment Rentals will help you find the apartment of your dreams in the holy city of Jerusalem, Israel. At Jerusalem Apartment Rentals we have apartments available for a long term rental and for your short term rental needs both furnished and unfurnished. Most short term rental apartments have Kosher Kitchens.

If you are looking to buy or sell your home, apartment or flat, we stand ready to serve you with prompt and friendly service. Jerusalem Apartment Rentals can also help you oversee your home in Jerusalem when you are not here, through our excellent Property Management Department.

At Jerusalem Apartment Rentals, we are Shomer Shabbat, English Speaking and Long Time Jerusalem Residents, well aquainted with the city and all of its neighborhoods.

NEW! JERUSALEM APARTMENT RENTALS new represents many fine properties in Jerusalem for Long Term Rental and for Sale! If you are interested in a long term rental or looking to buy, we have the right property for you.

If you have a property for long term rental or for sale, we have a large and active clientele looking to buy and rent in Jerusalem! Contact us!

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and for any information about our services. We can easily be contact by e-mail at [email protected]

Or by telephone at:

052-977-9191 (In Israel)

972-52-977-9191 (From Overseas)

or + 1 -718-841-8020 (From USA)

Visit us on the internet at 

We stand by to serve you!!

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