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Vera Resnick - Classical Homeopath

Homeopathy offers a different way to treat illness, using natural remedies in small doses for big results.  Prescription homeopathic remedies are suitable for infants, the elderly, and everyone in-between.  The remedies are safe to use in pregnancy.

Don't want to start with taking conventional medicines?
Taking conventional medicine but can't take the side effects that come with it?
Tried taking conventional medicines but they didn't help?

If you'd like to see how homeopathy can help you, contact me on 054-4640736 or at [email protected] You can also visit my web page at

Vera Resnick, IHM DHom Med (Lic)
The Jerusalem Homeopathy Clinic
Treatments in Jerusalem and online via Skype and email


Clients Satisfaction

Devora Mason
I highly recommend using Vera's services
4 years ago

A year and a half ago, right before Passover, I was hit with a terrible case of mono and as a single mom with five kids working full time I was desperate to feel better as soon as possible. None of the doctors could offer a solution to my debilitating pain with all of the swollen glands in my head and neck. Taking pain killers meant a temporary solution to the pain and as a result put greater stress on my liver. When it wore off, I suffered even more. I didn't believe in homeopathy but I was so desperate to feel relief: It was either that or chop off my head so I went with the homeopathy. Vera came to visit me and despite the fact that I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow, she assessed my condition and started to treat me. I was shocked at the results her treatment had on me. My entire family was so pleased to see such a change from one day being unable to lift up my own head, to the next day being able to eat a bit and sit up. I am very grateful for her help and treatment and I highly recommend using Vera's services in homeopathy.

Vera is exceptionally bright
4 years ago

I highly recommend Vera Resnick as a homeopathic practitioner. Over the past few years I have gone to several homeopaths (some of them well known) without any significant results. I studied homeopathy myself and began wondering whether or not it was actually an effective method of treatment. This really changed when I went to Vera. She treated me for chronic fatigue on more than one occasion. She recently treated my son for chronic fatigue which I am very grateful to her for. A few years ago she treated me for an acute case of bronchitis. I remember being amazed at how quickly and skillfully she was able to help me. Vera is an exceptionally bright and knowledgeable woman. She is constantly studying homeopathic and medical literature in order to improve her homeopathic abilities to better help her patients. She consults with her colleagues when necessary and is very capable at assessing a person's situation. On occasion she has recommended other types of intervention if she feels that homeopathy is not the right method of cure for a particular case. Wishing good health and hatzlehah to all! G.N., Jerusalem

E. R.
Vera has successfully treated me for
4 years ago

I can't even remember all of the things that Vera has successfully treated me for. From mosquito bites to night sweats, frostbite to eye issues, Vera has always been attentive; asking questions in other ways, double checking to be clear about which remedy to give me and at what dosage. Having been treated previously by other homeopaths, I have found Vera's professionalism and knowledge unsurpassed. E. R., Kfar Saba

Dr. Binyamin Rothstein
I highly recommend her.
4 years ago

I had a cough, the kind of cough that was going around and the kind of cough I saw everyone else having that would last for months. I have had this kind of cough before and it never lasted less than 6 weeks and always required antibiotics. This time I saw Vera and she prescribed for me a remedy. The cough began getting better within 3-4 days and by 10 days it was gone completely. What was most impressive was the way Vera analyzed the problem and followed up with the treatment. I highly recommend her. Dr. Binyamin Rothstein, Osteopath

E. L.
Vera gives much thought to each patient
4 years ago

When I go to an appointment with Vera, she takes all the information which I've given to her and she asks relevant questions about my general health. She then carefully considers which remedy would be most helpful to me under the circumstances. I appreciate that Vera gives much thought to each patient's situation; and I appreciate the success I've experienced under her care.