Marriage & Family Therapy - Schedule NOW for free consultation


Marriage & Family Therapy - Schedule NOW for free consultation

Let's Work Through it Together

Couple's Therapy - learn to navigate the ins and outs of successful spousal communication and connection.

Is your marriage what you thought it would be when you were dating?

Are you feeling stuck, expecting your spouse to change? 

By Taking action now you can create the change you deserve!

How much longer will you wait or try and work through it on your own before you're willing to admit that things aren't the way you want them to be? 

You can try something new and, work together with a professional. You and your spouse can learn how to co-create the marriage you both want. 

Even if only one of you is willing to come to therapy, it's enough to change the entire relationship's dynamic. Yes, one of you can make the necessary change that can turn everything around for the better and get both of you on board. 

And NOW is the time to start! Click here for a free consultation!

Let's face it… chances are if you're reading this then you've been wishing for your relationship to have been better for a while. You know in your heart things need to improve!

It's good to be hopeful that your situation will change or that you'll come up with the right recipe for shalom bayit(marital bliss). Don't let that hope keep you from taking action that can change the dynamic of your relationship, to what you want and deserve.

Rabbi Gavriel Tornek MFT (Marriage & Family Therapist) be"H will help you with those changes: 

  • He has experience working successfully with couples
  • He is a clinically trained Marriage and Family Therapist
  • He understands what a couple needs to overcome past wounds and connect to each other. 

You'll learn to:

  • Understand each other better
  • Communicate better
  • Resolve conflict
  • Rebuild trust

Is it possible that your current methods are holding you back? 

Let me ask you this… how often have you done something to change the state of your shalom bayit only to have it backfire leaving you caught in a repetitive loop? How long has this been going on and how much longer are you willing to let it go on? How many times have you found yourself in a situation that you hoped/prayed/planned to never get into again?

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Everyone wants to create next-level shalom bayit but the sad truth is, that many people don't know where to start or they continue being hopeful and following the wrong plan, reacting to old wounds, repeating old habits. Stop being one of those people, unlock the smart plan, recognize triggers, become aware of old habits, turn hopefulness into action, work with Gavriel to Co-create your lives.

Gavriel will show you how to put into action what you already know about shalom bayit and help you learn new things that will propel you forward toward the marriage and life you imagined and deserve. 

More about Gavriel Tornek

Rabbi Gavriel Tornek is an American ex-pat living with his wife and children in Israel. He's an ordained rabbi and experienced Marriage and Family psychotherapist who works with couples, relationship difficulties, trauma, and anxiety, possessing an extensive background in Jewish meditation. 

During Gavriel’s rabbinical career he was faced with many individual and family problems that were brought to him by people in the community. Due to his belief that a person’s inner peace and relationships are the gateways to a happy and satisfying life he was drawn to help these people. This passion led him to study NLP, Life Coaching with the Alone Institute in Tel Aviv, and Strategic Intervention with Tony Robbins. When Gavriel realized that there was a strong need for a deeper type of therapy, he studied for a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and received specialized training in Couple's Therapy and Complex Trauma. Gavriel has worked with the Family Institute of Neve Yerushalayim and Enosh Organization for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Gavriel continues to practice in Jerusalem, Rehovot, and offers the option of Zoom sessions.

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You deserve a happy and working marriage.




Clients Satisfaction

Tremendous personal growth
2 years ago

I've been communicating with Gavriel, on and off for the past 5 years. He has guided me through enhancing my marriage, and on my personal journey. He's helped me make compassionate breakthroughs with my distant family, increased my understanding and guided me in becoming a truly better husband. As far as relationships go, mine feels blessed but I will still come back to him every now and again for a tune-up. Definitely the best kind of relationship mechanic! He is patient, kind and a very thoughtful listener. He can give tachless advice and knows how to ask the right questions. He is easy to speak with and non-judgemental. I really believe that those who find their way to Gavriel will find themselves on a path of tremendous and beneficial personal growth. I'm very grateful to him for all of his advice and wisdom.

thank you!!
2 years ago

we came to you after 5 years of marriage in a middle of crisis, we came with difrents background and we had Health challenges with our kid, we had no time to know Each other. You believed in our marriage and you saw our potential. you peeled our ego gently, you taught us how to love, talk and to share our emotions. Now we use the tools you gave us and we are best friends, happy and love each other. hashem will bless you! we wish you the best! the kadoshes

Rebbetzin Esther Piekarsky
The students liked the teacher
9 years ago

The students liked the teacher, his patience, presentation and warm professionalism. They wholeheartedly recommend the workshop as a way of achieving stress relief, expanding consciousness, broadening their point of view and strengthening their focus and concentration

Menachem J.
I recommend to anyone
9 years ago

In addition to the pleasant physical feeling that I experienced after the techniques that rabbi Tornek taught me, it positively affected my work, family and me personally on a daily basis as well as clarity of thought and decision making. I recommend to anyone who feels stuck in life or work to learn these techniques. They will help him/her maintain focus and interest in life and work.

Angelica J. -Mexico
Gavriel has been treating me...
9 years ago

Gavriel has been treating me from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a NLP Master Practitioner and Personal Life Coach . His knowledge, ethics, attention to detail and empathy have aided me to overcome fears, limiting beliefs, stress and decision making, providing me with the necessary resources and tools to achieve my most desired wellness. I feel confident in recommending Gavriel's services as a therapist. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. Sincerely,

Alex F.
I would highly recommend rabbi Tornek
9 years ago

After the first conversation I could sense that this man is a very well-trained and experienced professional. What I find particularly fascinating is that Gavriel quickly and elegantly finds the root of a problem. I would highly recommend rabbi Tornek as a coach to anyone who wants to achieve success in life and inner piece, as well as to those who need psychological help resolving specific issues. May G-d bless him! Alex F.- CEO -United States

Shabti G.
I came to you a broken man
9 years ago

Dear Gavriel, I came to you a broken man, angry and frustrated, with my head filled with many futile thoughts. And you in your wonderful calm way taught me meditation. This taught me how to calm down, empty my head of thoughts and look out at the world with a proper perspective. I am 57 years old and most of my life passed in anger with futile thoughts. It is not easy to change at this age. I have changed, my head no longer has futile and empty thoughts and I am enjoying life. All of this is to your credit. Thank you dear brother. Thank you very much.