Restorno - Furniture Repair, Restoration and Creation


Restorno - Furniture Repair, Restoration and Creation

Restorno will provide you with comprehensive furniture solutions

Our company provides quality furniture repair, refinishing, upholstery, custom made furniture and woodworking courses.

Furniture Repair

At Restorno we believe that repairs should only be done once!            We apply the finest methods and materials available, and craftsmanship of the highest level.  With that in mind, we warranty our repairs for up to 25 years! 


Restorno's operates a top notch upholstery department which is capable of the most complex jobs. We offer custom upholstery solutions, as well as standard re-upholstering. We use only the best quality materials.


Restorno offers a wide range of cosmetic and protective services for your furniture.

-Complete refinishing – color and style changes are possible

-Touch up and scratch repair – you will be surprised what we can do !

-French polishing large pieces ( i.e. pianos) in the customer's home

-Cleaning, degreasing (antiques), revitalizing

- Gentle yet protective coatings for museum pieces

Custom Furniture

Customized solutions for your space, living room sets, dining room tables, cabinets, unique boxes and gifts all handmade in our workshop from the best solid wood to the highest standards – highly recommended !

Woodworking school

Discover the wonderful and rich world of hand tool woodworking !

-Traditional hand tool woodworking taught by professional craftsman

-Private lessons for the advanced hobbyists and professionals

-Fun courses for families and couples

Please contact us for more information.  

RESTORNO fine craftsmanship guaranteed 026508777 [email protected]