Positive Health Counseling


Positive Health Counseling

Positive Health Counseling for Teens & Young Adults (Millennials) with Dr. Mika Smith

I specialize in working with Anglo teens and young adults

  • improve relationships and coping mechanisms with teachers, parents, employers/employees, and friends
  • ease adjustments to adulthood,  Israel’s culture, working environment and education system 
  • relieve overwhelmingness, stress and tension over anticipation about next phase in life, army service, national service or life in general
  • cope with personal anxiety issues, depression, and other mental health distresses

I use different techniques including motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and focused psychotherapy on working on eliminating unwanted behaviors or patterns in your life. My methods are practical, goal-oriented and individually tailored to your circumstances. 

CALL ME AT 054-984886 or VISIT WEBSITE: https://positivehealthcounseling.com/

A trusting therapeutic relationship is a key to good outcomes and continuity of care. My credentials include:

  • Licensed clinical professional (Israel and US)
  • Doctorate in Behavioral Health
  • Master’s Degree in Social Work
  • Counseling English speaking populations in Israel