Shalom Translations


Shalom Translations

Expert Hebrew-English translation of  all kinds of documents - resumes, contracts and agreements, commercial and industrial,

bills.  medical, official / government forms and documents, rabbinic texts, text of websites, online systems descriptions, 

insurance claims and assessments, and more. 

I've translated, in addition to all of the above kinds of material,  two full-length  books  (one  already published, available 

on  Amazon, the  other still in preparation for publishing), three chapers of  another book, and two Ph.D.-level academic articles in 

the field of mathematical economics. 

I have many satified customers, including an academic institution I work for on an ongoing basis, translating final examinations 

and other academic material, and two translation agencies.  I  can provide recommendations on request. 

I offer reasonable rates, and meet  deadlines.