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Mortgage consulting

0542532832 [email protected]
King George 60

I am a mortgage broker at First Israel mortgages.

First Israel mortgages is a consulting company which specialize in mortgages, accompanying projects financially and arranging commercial loans.

With more than ten years of experience in Israel and throughout the world we'll guarantee your will be getting the best rates and services available.

Ten years of hard and constant work have built us a great reputation with each and every Israeli bank letting us assure you that your  will be getting the highest finance, the lowest rates and the longest term possible.

We take great care to make sure each mortgage/loan we arrange is custom built for the client taking into consideration his plans for the property/business and his ability to undertake the payments.

One of the recent issues that investors and and non-Israeli citizens have been coping with is the Bank of Israel law prohibiting financing above 50% LTV for these types of borrowers. If you are looking for options around this dilemma I am happy to report that we have successfully obtained up to 70% LTV on these types of purchases.

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