Avi Plumbing - Plumber


Avi Plumbing - Plumber

Avi Plumbing provides a wide range of plumbing services, with over a decade's experience we are pleased to provide fast and professional reliable service at all hours, with care and work without unnecessary damages and at affordable prices.

Among our plumbing services:
Liquid Repair, Ceiling Leakage, Opening Clogs, Thermal Camera Liquid Detection, Wall Moisture Treatment, Covert Niagara Repair, Sewage Pumping, Shower Wetness, Liquid Detection, Liquid Detection, Toilet Leakage Repair, Water Pipe Repair, Shower Sealing Opening, , Floor drying, roof wetness, window wetness, sink opening, wetness detection, sewer openings, roof tile fluidity, basement wetness, solar water heater repair.

Provide 24 hour plumber services.
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